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Testimonials from Group Members

"I honestly feel my life changed that day for the better. I managed to attend further meetings and have since introduced various parents to the group. Friendships I have made have been invaluable, meeting like-minded people experiencing a similar journey as my own."

"The Re:minds group has been a fantastic support to me. I started coming when I was feeling stressed because of some difficulties my children were experiencing. Gill was always welcoming and treated us all as equally important. There was no question of needing to prove yourself e.g. only being allowed to go if your child has a diagnosis. Since then, my children’s issues have got complicated and between them, they have suffered from anxiety, low mood and depression, violent behaviour, and are dealing with attention deficit issues and autistic traits. When I wasn’t able to get CAMHS appointments due to long waiting lists, Re:minds were there. When my children’s school struggled with their behaviour and seemed at a loss, Re:minds were there for me. When I needed a compassionate friend, Re:minds were there. When my own health declined due to the stress, Re:minds were there. Never judgmental, always supportive. I can go to the groups, hear the excellent range of speakers, and receive support through their Facebook group. I don’t know what would have happened to me without Re:minds support, I dread to think. Gill has led this group with great professionalism, kindness and empathy. She’s always there with a cuppa and a listening ear, and people often bring delicious homemade cake too. Through the group, there’s an amazing network of people with loads of practical advice for any issue. I think anyone wanting to help another person through a difficult time, should see how Re:minds do things. They really change lives. Thank you Re:minds."  

"On news tonight was an article on how the government is going to provide funding for social activities for the elderly to prevent loneliness. Having a child with autism and mental health issues is isolating and government support is limited for acute periods only. This group gives support and advice when you need it with people who understand and are non-judgmental ( often professionals are). It also is starting to allow local camhs to provide information /support to groups were these parents would not get anything. For me, it has stopped my social isolation and allows me the strength to help me support my child and prevent her from needing acute care again."

"3 years ago I worked up the guts to walk into my first support group. I was greeted by Gill, who made me feel at ease and I took my seat to listen to a talk from Carlos on anxiety which was mind blowing. Made me realize not only have my sons got anxiety but so did I."

"I can quite easily say that Re:minds saved me. I was desperate and flailing in a system designed to help but that actually was not offering me any solutions or help. In my darkest hour I considered ending it for both of us. I came to that first meeting at Re:minds full of trepidation, I didn’t know anyone else there and talking about my daughters fragile mental health seemed a daunting thing, but I knew that we were in very danger of losing her if I didn’t find a way to help her myself. The group were so welcoming and Gill opened up by putting everyone at their ease and talked about her own son and his mental health. All of a sudden I was in a room full of friends. I can say with certainty that some of these people are now friends for life, I am understood, supported, befriended and most of all I’m not on my own struggling with this scary condition. You never know when you are going to walk in these shoes and I didn’t know how many people were walking in them with me. The group has gone on to make alliances with CAMHS and is well respected by parents and professionals alike. I’ve had training, borrowed books, drank coffee, cried with others, and I hope helped out others along the way.  Quite simply without this group I have no doubt things could have ended up differently. Thank you Gill, you are amazing and I am privileged to have met you." 

"I am not the same person who walked through those doors at Reminds 3 years ago. Reminds and Gill saved me that day. I was so lost in the jungle of life, and so alone."

"Re:minds has helped me through a lot with my daughter Gill has given me advice on what to put on forms i.e. the correct wording. And also come to terms with the diagnosis of my daughter when I was feeling down the group was their to help me through always get great advice at meetings and on the Facebook group. And going to meetings help as it helps to be around others in the same situation. And before I knew about the group I felt really low because didn’t know anyone going through the same as me then when I joined the group you walk into a supportive environment with friendly faces and friendly people who understand what you are going through and you can talk everything through with them .And this has helped me a lot through the time I have spent with these amazing people and I’m very grateful for Re:minds." 

"Re:minds has really helped. When Gill gave me a leaflet I was feeling really alone with the situation we had found ourselves in with my son’s issues. It has been great to come to the group and realize that there are other people having the same issues and get some ideas and advice on what to do. There have been some good speakers at group too which has helped me try things at home."