Re:Minds is a parent-led support group for families who have children/young people with autism or mental health issues and is based in Southampton. It was founded with mutual support in mind, our aim is to allow people whose children face similar issues to meet up in an informal setting to share knowledge and talk about any challenges our families are facing. We don’t claim to be experts, just other families who understand what it can feel like to be on the autism/mental health journey.  We work closely with Southampton CAMHS to offer speakers on a range of topics and regular drop-in clinics for advice. 

The group is open to anyone, you don’t have to live in Southampton or have a diagnosis to be able to come along. We do ask you not to bring children to the groups, as we believe it is important for adults to have a safe space to express their feelings. We really hope you will come along and join us because sometimes just talking to other people can make a real difference!