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Re:Minds is a Southampton based organisation supporting families whose children/young people have Autism, ADHD or other neurodiverse needs and/or mental health needs - with or without a diagnosis. Our aim is to allow people whose children face similar issues to meet up in an informal setting to share knowledge and talk about any challenges our families are facing. We don’t claim to be experts, just other families who understand what it can feel like to be on this journey.  

We are the primary link between families and Southampton Specialist CAMHS and offer speakers on a range of topics and regular advice clinics for children’s mental health, Autism, ADHD, SEND Legal Advice and adult mental health. 


​The group is open to any family member, you don’t have to live in Southampton or have a diagnosis to be able to come along. We do ask you not to bring children to the groups, unless specified, as we believe it is important for adults to have a safe space to express their feelings. We really hope you will come along and join us because sometimes just talking to other people can make a real difference!

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You pulled me back from the brink.  I'll always be grateful for your rational, logical mind and your warmth, compassion and understanding.

On more than one occasion you have been there for me. You made me stop and think what school I was fighting the L.A. for and I realised it was the wrong one, that is massive for Pip’s future

I don’t post on Facebook, but I read everything.  You have stopped me feeling completely alone and isolated.  

Had the best morning ever at group this morning! Two cuppas, a good old moan with people that understand and are non judgmental.... got good advice n a new meeting set up, laughing so much me cheeks hurt.  Definitely try and make a group, it’s definitely worth while! The ladies are lovely!

I’m from Rownhams so just over the border but there is nothing like Re:Minds there.  You’ve saved me, please keep doing what you’re doing.

I am not the same person who walked through those doors at Re:Minds 3 years ago.  Re:Minds and Gill saved me that day.  I was so lost in the jungle of life, and so alone.
My life now feels enriched being part of the reminds support group. 

I honestly feel my life changed that day for the better.  I managed to attend further meetings and have since introduced various parents to the group.  Friendships I have made have been invaluable, meeting like minded people experiencing similar journey as my own.

I can quite easily say that Re:Minds saved me. I was desperate and flailing in a system designed to help but that actually was not offering me any solutions or help. In my darkest hour I considered ending it for both of us. I came to that first meeting at Re:minds full of trepidation, I didn’t know anyone else there and talking about my daughters fragile mental health seemed a daunting thing, but I knew that we were in very danger of losing her if I didn’t find a way to help her myself. The group were so welcoming and Gill opened up by putting everyone at their ease and talked about her own son and his mental health. All of a sudden I was in a room full of friends. I can say with certainty that some of these people are now friends for life, I am understood, supported, befriended and most of all I’m not on my own struggling with this scary condition.
You never know when you are going to walk in these shoes and I didn’t know how many people were walking in them with me.
The group has gone on to make alliances with CAMHS and is well respected by parents and professionals alike. I’ve had training, borrowed books, drank coffee, cried with others, and I hope helped out others along the way.  Quite simply without this group I have no doubt things could have ended up differently. 

What else does Re:Minds do?

As well as supporting families, we work hard to make sure their voices are heard 

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