Books Available to Borrow from the Re:minds Library




Step By Step Help for Children with ADHD

J.S. Sonuga-Barke - ADHD - CAMHS Choice




What to do when you Worry Too Much – A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

By Dawn Huebner - Anxiety - CAMHS Choice




When My Worries Get Too Big – A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety

By Kari Dunn Buron - Anxiety - CAMHS Choice




Reasons to Stay Alive

By Matt Haig - Anxiety & Depression




Freaks, Geeks & Asperger's Syndrome

By Luke Jackson - ASC - CAMHS Choice




A Special Book About Me

By Josie Santomauro - ASC




Mental Health Aspects of Autism & Aspergers Syndrome

By Mohammad Ghaziuddin - ASC


Martian in the Playground

By Clare Sainsbury - ASC



Overcoming Your Child’s Fears & Worries – a guide for parents using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

By Cathy Creswell & Lucy Willetts - CBT for anxiety - CAMHS Choice



Skills Based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder – The New Maudsley Method

By Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith & Anna Crane - Eating Disorder - CAMHS Choice



My brother is Autistic

By Jennifer Moore-Mallinos - Fiction ASC




The Truth Pixie

By Matt Haig - Fiction Anxiety/Depression




Alex & Rosie’s Adventures in Hampshire – stories for children with Autism

By David Blakesley & Tharada Blakesley - Fiction ASC




Touch & Go Joe – An Adolescent Experience of OCD

By Joe Wells - OCD - CAMHS Choice


Everyday Parenting with Security & Love – using PACE to provide Foundations for Attachments

By Kim S Golding - Pace Techniques - CAMHS Choice




Nurture Shock – why everything we think about raising children is wrong

By Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman - Parenting



It's all absolutely fine

By Ruby Elliot - Personal View

Issac & His amazing Asperger's Superpower

By Melanie Walsh - Fiction ASC


The Reason I Jump

By Naoki Higashida - ASC


He's Not Naughty - A Children's Guide to Autism

By Deborah Brownson - ASC



The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

By Tony Attwood - ASC



What Works for Bipolar Kids

By Mani Pavuluri - Bipolar




Stop Struggling in School

By Wynford Dore - Dyslexia & Co-Morbid Conditions




Blue Bottle Mystery

By Kathy Hoopman - Fiction ASC




Of Mice & Aliens

By Kathy Hoopman - Fiction ASC



What to do when your Brain Gets Stuck – A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming OCD

By Dawn Huebner - OCD - CAMHS Choice



Break Free From OCD - Overcoming OCD with CBT

By Dr Fiona Challacombe, Dr Victoria Bream Oldfield & Professor Paul Salkovskis - OCD



Why Love Matters – how affection shapes a baby’s brain

By Sue Gerhardt - Parenting - CAMHS Choice




Blame My Brain – The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed

By Nicola Morgan - Parenting Teens




Whalie the Whale – Empowering Kids about Separation Anxiety

By Dr Carol McCleary - Separation Anxiety


Invisible Threads – Separation anxiety

By Francisco Di Prosppro - Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

By Ruby H.W. Poole - Separation Anxiety




What to Do when your Temper Flares - A Kid's guide to Overcoming Anger

By Dawn Huebner - Anger - CAMHS Choice




The Huge Bag of Worries

By Virginia Ironside - Anxiety - CAMHS Choice




Starving the Anxiety Gremlin – A CBT workbook for Young People

By Kate Collins-Donnelly - Anxiety - CAMHS Choice


I said No - A Kid-to-Kid guide to keeping private parts private

By Zack & Kimberley King - Appropriate Behaviour