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January - April 2024 Dates

Advice Clinics
These are held online, please book in for these the week before the clinic

Autism Advice Clinic
With Dr Anastassia Sedikides Principle Clinical Psychologist at Southampton Autism Service

10.30am 10th January
10.30am 7th February
10.30am 6th March
10.30am 10th April

CAMHS Advice Clinic
With Satty Basra & Chantal Homan
from Southampton CAMHS

10.00am 18th January
6.00pm 7th February
10.00am 22nd February
10.00am 21st March
10.00am 11th April

ADHD Advice Clinic
With Consultant Nurse & ADHD guru
Cathy Laver Bradbury

9.30am 31st January
11.00am 22nd February
9.30am 13th March
11.00am 4th April

Adult Mental Health
Advice Clinic
With Sarah Leonard
Head of community nursing

11.30am 15th January
11.30am 11th March

Free Legal SEND Advice Clinic
With Hannah Adams
from Shelton Solicitors

12.30pm 24th January
12.30pm 21st February
12.30pm 20th March
12.30pm 24th April

Speaker Meetings are held online

Coping with feelings around an autism assessment & diagnosis
Autism Puberty & Sexual Relations

10.00am 27th February
Educational Psychology Service

9.30am 13th March Southampton CAMHS


Wellbeing Day
Makaton Workshop

Postponed until 2024

Face-to-Face Meetings (Shirley)
No need to book these meetings, adults only (unless specified)
St James Road Methodist Church, Room 7 (Upstairs), SO15 5HE
This venue has free parking, is accessible (has a lift) & refreshments are provided.


10.00am 5th January
8.30pm 8th January
10.00am 19th January - Children Allowed
10.00am 2nd February
6.30pm 5th February

23rd February Meeting cancelled
10.00am 1st March
6.30pm 4th March 
10.00am 15th March - Children Allowed
10.00am 19th April

Face-to-Face Meetings (Sholing) CHANGE OF VENUE
No need to book these meetings, adults only (unless specified)
St Mary's Church, St Monica Road, SO19 8ES
This venue has free parking, is accessible and refreshments are provided.


10.00am 12th January
10.00am 26th January - Children Allowed
10.00am 9th February - meeting cancelled
10.00am 8th March
10.00am 22nd March - Children Allowed
10.00am 26th April

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