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Please be aware we keep all of our meetings are for adults only, with the exception of the family group.
All groups are free to attend 
Shirley Groups take place upstairs in Room 7 at St James Road Methodist Church, St James Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO155HE.  The Woolston groups are in the hall behind St Patricks Church, Portsmouth Road, Woolston. 

Support Group Meetings

These meetings are an opportunity to chat with other families in similar situations over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake! It is a good place to ask for advice about anything that is worrying you, with the group or on a 1:1 basis. There is never any pressure to talk, it’s fine to just sit and listen. We now have meetings in Woolston and Shirley. 

Evening Pop In Meetings

Evening meetings give people who have commitments during the day time, an opportunity to come along, chat to other parent/carers and seek advice from us.  This group takes place in Shirley. 


Family Group

This is support group for anyone who wants to chat to other people in similar situations.  Children are able to attend this meeting, but are the responsibility of their parents, although a craft activity will be available for them to do.  Family group meetings take place in Shirley and Woolston and parents/carers are welcome to come along without their children if they prefer! 

Crisis Care Group

This is a new group for 2022 and is open to anyone who feels they are in crisis.  At this group we offer 1:1 advice and support around crisis care as well as linking with the new Keyworkers project.  There is also a chance to speak to other families in similar situations. 

Speaker Meetings & Workshops

We have speakers from CAMHS and other services talking about topics relevant to our families.  Each speaker decides how to give their presentation and there is always an opportunity to ask questions. Notes are taken from each meeting and shared on the Facebook group and website, along with any relevant videos.  If you have a question you want to be asked but can’t make the meeting, we are always happy to ask for you.  Since Covid we have moved the speaker meetings online and now have a YouTube channel where families can access them whenever they need to (here). All details of how to join the meetings can be sent out on request.  

We also link with CAMHS to run workshops for families where they can learn practical strategies to support their children.  



Advice Clinics

We have regular advice clinics with Southampton CAMHS and Adult Mental Health .  

  • CAMHS Mental Health Advice

  • Autism Advice

  • ADHD Advice

  • Adult Mental Health Advice - for parents or young people aged 18+

  • Legal Advice Clinic - a free 30 minute appointment with Shenton's Solicitors for SEND advice.


These clinics are  open to any member of Re:Minds and your are able to book a 10-20 minute private appointment to seek advice from a clinician.  

For more details contact info@reminds.org.uk

Other Online Groups


Our Facebook group is where we keep in touch with our families.  The group is private and only for members of Re:Minds, no professionals are allowed into the Facebook groups as we want our families to have a safe, confidential place to share their lives.  We have over 1100 members they are all people who are going through similar experiences and are on hand to share advice, information and sympathy 24 hours of the day.  Click Here.


Twitter is another way we try and keep in touch with our families. Whilst we don't tweet too often, we share events and other bits and pieces on there.  Find us @RemindsSoton

Crisis Care Support Group

This group is for families who have children in crisis and at risk of being admitted to an adolescent psychiatric hospital or who are currently in or recently discharged from hospital.  The group offers mutual support and advice from parents who have been through the same situation.  In the autumn 2021 this group will begin face to face meetings, advice clinics and speakers.  More details can be found on the private Facebook page. Click Here.

Re:Minds into Adulthood

This is a Facebook group which focuses on children aged 16+ in preparation for adulthood.  This is where we share information about speakers and meetings and is a place to talk to others in a similar situation. Click Here.

Re:Minds Re:Sale

We have a resale and promotions page for any member of Re:Minds.  Here you can sell things you no longer want and promote events. Click Here.


All speaker meetings and workshops are shared on our YouTube channel here